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March Book Haul

March Book Haul  
Here is my latest book haul! A little late I know but here it is anyway. I realised as I wrote up this blog post that both books have a lot of historical influences and I absolutely adore that. So, if you like history, action, war, politics, intrigue and magic, then these books are for you!!
Enjoy!  Legends of the Condor Heroes- Jin YongPublished: October 2018 Genres: Fantasy, Wuxia, Translated Fiction, Chinese literature Check out on Goodreads Buy on Book Depository
"China: 1200 A.D. 

The Song Empire has been invaded by its warlike Jurchen neighbours from the north. Half its territory and its historic capital lie in enemy hands; the peasants toil under the burden of the annual tribute demanded by the victors. Meanwhile, on the Mongolian steppe, a disparate nation of great warriors is about to be united by a warlord whose name will endure for eternity: Genghis Khan.

Guo Jing, son of a murdered Song patriot, grew up with Genghis Khan's army. He is humble, loyal, per…

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